Tips From Expert Attorneys To Help Parents In A Child Custody Trial

The experts at Morris Sockle say that while many more custody cases are still awarded to the mother – and joint custody is on the rise, the father obtains control. In general, to get a charge, he must almost always prove that the mother is neglecting her duties, abandonment of the child, some psychiatric or psychiatric illness, etc. In any case, to obtain custody of a child, when it is considered that it is the best for the child, a father can consider the advice that Morris Sockle has given us and which is detailed below.

  • Be Involved In The Child’s Life.

Being an absent parent is synonymous with losing custody. You have to have emotional ties to the children and show it. If a parent is not involved in the lives of their children and does not know their needs, their likes and dislikes do not understand how they are doing at school or who their teachers and friends are, never goes to the doctor with them, etc. it is very likely that they will never get custody. If you want to have the little ones with you, you have to get fully involved in the task of being a parent.


  • Be Available To Raise Them.

If a parent decides to have custody of the children but has a job that requires constant travel or is very demanding and requires long hours at the office (or the children are left alone every night, etc.), it is not easy to get custody. You must demonstrate that your work and your children’s care are compatible and that you will be available to take care of them when they need it.

  • Never Speak Badly To The Children About Their Mother.

A sure way not to obtain custody is to damage the small ones’ relationship with their mother. One should not lose sight of the fact that the children feel part of their mother and part of their father, and criticism of the other parent can damage their self-esteem. A judge will not look favorably on a father who promotes or impedes the mother’s access or who does not have good words for her in front of the children.

  • Have A Good Parenting Environment

When a father wishes to have custody of his children, he must ensure that the environment in which they will be raised is safe and healthy. Besides, if you have a new relationship, you must show affection and good understanding between the children and the couple when they coincide.

  • To Have The Financial Means To Support Them.

For the child to have its basic needs covered, it is necessary to demonstrate before the judge the capacity to support it. For that reason, in prolonged unemployment situations or if the father has had problems organizing a company or his money, it is not simple to obtain custody. Having a stable job and proving not to have large debts is a reasonable basis.

  • To Be Punctual In The Payment Of The Pension And In The Visits To The Children.

Suppose the children are with the mother and want to change the conditions of custody and guardianship. In that case, it is essential to have always complied punctually with your economic and emotional obligations (pension and visits) without interruptions or delays.

  • Seek Advice

If you want to fight to obtain custody of a child, you should seek the best professional advice you can get; the Morris Sockle experts can help you create the best strategy to follow. It is also a good idea to take into account the advice of other parents who have been in the same situation and contact organizations specialized in Child Custody. The more prepared you are, the better your chances of obtaining custody of the children.