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Rent an Office or Work from Home

When you think of starting a business, there are two ways to get its premises. The two are to rent an office in a busy commercial set up or work from home. Each of the options have features, pros, and cons. To decide which is the best for your business, it is nice to compare both. The nature of a business is very important when making this decision. The office is the traditional way of starting a business. Home Office is a new way of starting a business that is highly fueled by the ability to access the market from home.

When you rent an office, it is direct way to telling the public that this is a business and not a home. This will make it easy for clients to flow to your business. Still, your office will be located in a building with other offices. The building will be located near other buildings with offices. You get the opportunity to network when there are such offices. This is not possible if you are working from home.

Renting an office gives you more working space. In this case, you and your employee will have great space to work from. It becomes a great advantage especially when you consider communication equipment. A rented premises offers higher business security. The business premises are guarded to ensure that all offices located in the building are secured. You also add security measures for your business.

Operating from home is a great alternative to some businesses. One of the freedoms you get is the chance to work at any time you want. Working from an office is restricted to opening and closing hours. In case you work from home, you have freedom to work with your own schedule or when you have a client.

You easily cut off rent costs when you work from home. You don’t need to rent an expensive house on the busy street as you can convert some rooms in your home to be your office. You will continue paying normal bills, and you will not meet additional costs.
Home business gives you a high level of security. In case you have a rented office, clients to other business will be knocking at your doors causing distractions. Despite having the networking opportunities, is poses a risk to your business privacy. At home, you have control, over your privacy.

When working from home, you business is however restricted in space. It is not possible to contain your employee in single premises for optimal use of resources. Instead, they work remotely meaning that you don’t have any control over their performance. Small business will do fine with home offices while larger business require a rented office.

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