Best Travel to Bali: When Cultural Fairs is Being Held

  1. When Galungan and Kuningan Fairs is being held
  • Galungan Fair

The most suitable time to get thebest times travel to Bali is when Galungan is being held. This is one of the prestigious festival which happens every 210 days and lasts for 10 days. The competition celebrates the coming of the gods and ancestral spirits to earth to reside again within the houses of their descendents. Festivities are characterized by services, dances, new clothes, plenty of feasting, and visits to own family and friends. The celebrations be completed with Kuningan fairs where the families bid their farewells to the gods and spirits.

  • Kuningan Fair

As it has been said before, the second cultural fairs that will be the best choice to see when you are in Bali is Kuningan Fair. Each village in Bali celebrates Galungan and Kuningan with the aid of redecorating the outside of their houses with a penjor, a decorative tall bamboo pole, approximately 8m (26 feet.) High, with palm leaves, rice stems, coconuts, and corn. On the give up of each of the poles hangs a sampian, a stunning plaited palm leaf creation. A few poles are adorned with lights much like a christmas tree. The poles are normally set up at the Tuesday before Galungan, they have to be removed and the ornaments burned after forty two days.


  1. When Tawur Kesanga or Ogoh-Ogoh Day is being held

Villagers hold a large exorcism-party at the primary village crossroad. All through the month of March, you will see villages making huge Ogoh-Ogohs, tremendous four 1/2m to 6m (15 ft. –20 ft.) So, make sure that you make this time as the choice of your best times travel to Bali.Neighboring villages compete to construct the scariest and biggest ogoh-ogohs conceivable. After sundown, the villages carry their Ogoh-Ogohs on a bamboo platform via the streets to the sound of gamelan. While they come on the crossroad, the Ogoh-Ogohs are held aloft to a crescendo of noise from drums, gongs, cymbals, and voices. That allows you to start the new yearr with a smooth slate, culture needs that evil spirits are woken up and pushed far from the island by loud clashing noise. The carnival ends with the Ogoh-Ogohs being lead to the seashore in which they’re burned, however greater lately, given the price of manufacture, they have been offered on to creditors.


  1. When Nyepi is being held

The day following the darkish moon of the spring equinox, opens a brand-new year of the Saka calendar. It’s miles the Balinese equal to new 12 months’s eve in the Western calendar. List that time as your choice of best times travel to Bali.It’s far celebrated via “a day of silence,” fasting, and meditation, which starts at 6am and ends tomorrow at 6am. For the duration of the day, humans recognize strict regulations set centuries ago: no working, no enjoyment, no visiting, no talking, no TV and radio, no consuming, and no lighting fixtures. Humans aren’t allowed to leave their homes and protection guards, known as pecaleng, patrol the streets to make sure no person disobeys the guidelines. The airport is closed and no flights are allowed to land or take off at some stage in the day. Motels are allowed energy to feed their guests however aren’t allowed to allow their visitors leave the property. The traditional “fear” is that evil spirits might also nonetheless have not left the island and any sound will draw them to your house. With the aid of being silent, the evil spirits will leave on the lookout for noise.

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